In the Apache catalog there is a view of re-usable controls. Re-usable controls can be XPages controls, LotusScript libraries, JavaScript libraries, forms, views, agents, etc. So re-usable controls are essentially well defined lists of arbitrary design elements. For Eclipse code they can also be Eclipse features.

In contrast to some of the existing projects re-usable controls are not full applications. In contrast to the code bin re-usable controls need to be packaged up in NSFs or NTFs and the code needs to be compilable.

The idea behind re-usable controls is to allow developers to copy and paste code in their own applications as easily as possible. In order to support this it needs to be documented what design elements need to be copied. Furthermore re-usable controls should come with simple test scenarios that show the controls in action.

At this point there are only four controls in the Apache catalog. Please help OpenNTF to get more controls added. Here is a document that describes how to get involved. Tomorrow I hope to be able to commit another XPages control from IBM.

Here is a quick demonstration of the XPages controls:

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