John JY Hsu, Paul BP Pan, Jason CS Yang and Jill YJ Chen have contributed a new composite application sample to OpenNTF. Users can watch music videos on and the lyrics are automatically displayed/searched on

You can find this sample in the catalog or download it from here directly. The documentation is in the zip file and in the project's 'Docs' tab.

Technically this sample shows how to use a new feature in Lotus Notes 8.5.1 called custom actions. With custom actions the composite application containers can be extended so that these actions show up in the Composite Application Editor users can wire properties to these actions. Custom actions are implemented as Eclipse plugins implementing a new extension point.

This is a screenshot of the application:

A picture named M2

This is the landmark used to publish the video name:

A picture named M3

And this is the code of the custom action:

A picture named M4

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