Last month we had 17.000 downloads which is more than we've ever had.

OpenNTF thanks all OpenNTF consumers and as always especially our contributors who deliver value by sharing source code.

Download numbers of the last two years (as of 04/06/10):

A picture named M2

Each project release that is downloaded increases this number.

The 'total downloads' number on the project home page shows the number of downloads of all releases of a project (including releases that have potentially been deleted since obsolete). On the releases tab you can see the download numbers of the separate (non deleted) releases.

The 'downloads' number in the catalogs is the number of total downloads of a project. This number is synchronized from the project area on a scheduled basis. More entries in the catalog can refer to the same project (e.g. widgets in the same project) which is why different entries in the catalog can have the same download number.

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