We've improved the project management UI which is the key application on the OpenNTF web site.

See here for a sample project with many documents: http://www.openntf.org/project/XPages Wiki

In the URL above you can replace the project name 'XPages Wiki' with your own project name to open another project.

We would like to get your feedback. Please send us a mail to support at openntf dot org (with the word 'OpenNTF' somewhere in the subject), post a response document here or post a comment below.

To play around with the new UI you can create your own test projects, but please use project names starting with 'Test' so that we can remove these projects later again. You can create new projects here.

We have tested the new UI primarily on Firefox so far. Also the UI design is kept rather simple. Anyone with design and stylesheet ideas and skills is welcome to help us improve this UI.

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