As part of the XPages Development Contest sponsored by IBM business partner We4IT, Michael McGarel has contributed the project Faceted Search with Standby.

Here is Mike's description:

"This project contains a custom control that filters view contents within a navigation div and displays the results in a separate div using a partial refresh. The filtering fields in the navigation div can be combined for more precise results. If the partial refresh is not instantaneous, the Dojo Standby Widget is displayed.

View filtering is performed by two Server-side JavaScript functions. The functions are loaded in the beforeRenderResponse event to keep them within the one custom control, but normally the functions would be contained within a script library. For the code to work, the database must be full-text indexed.

When the user closes a document opened from the search results, the search results remain."

Watch the mini video to see the control in action.$File/homesearch.png/

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