This is the first of a series of "Friday Reviews" where we summarise recent "action" within OpenNTF.

Any News?
Remember any news, announcements around OpenNTF or its projects just send it to to get published here. In addition if you want to run a feature, ask for help etc on your project - the same address.

New Members/Registrations
New registrations are still going strong, with 5235 for the year so far averaging some 750 new accounts a month. We now have nearly 64,000 registered accounts (I expect there are duplicates though).

New Projects
Goo Cal Synch - Calendar sync tool between Lotus Notes and Google which runs on Lotus Notes client.
.Domino Framework - The .Domino Framework has been developed as a way of leveraging this code by providing a extendable framework into which code can be placed and easily shared across multiple applications.
LotusScript Manager - Lotusscript manager is a stand-alone application written in visual
Email Translator - Use Goggle to translate any email in your in-box
Task Management - Task Management is a simple tool to keep track of an individual's and their team members' tasks.
Discussion Template - Next generation XPages based discussion template project stub created for feedback

Updated Projects
ACL Viewer
Picture Gallery

Site Amendments
Based on feedback in IdeaJam and the main forum etc, some updates have been made to the site. Some have just been bug fixes to server setup and the discussion forum (which is an ongoing project), others are:

1) Right sidebar has been amended to have search at the top, codebin link more visible etc
2) The Forum tab is now Forums and a new Forum Directory exists there. You will need to login to see some of the forums.
3) Login link top right now has registration links (when not logged in) and access to your account (password reset etc) when logged in.
4) All login (including safari), timeout issues etc should now be resolved.

A picture named M2

Coming Soon
1) More new projects are in the pipeline
2) A new profiles system will be in place when complete
3) Planning is underway to build a replacement project management system
4) Updated Catalog area to cater for both Apache and GPL contributions

There will be a presentation and representation on OpenNTF at UKLUG this October in Edinburgh, Scotland. Details here.

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