(Apologies for the late posting of these minutes.)

OpenNTF Alliance Steering Committee
Meeting Minutes: November 17, 2009
Conference Call

Members: Vince Schuurman (Chairman), Nathan Freeman, Ludwig Nastansky, Justin Hill, John Head, Brent Peters (absent), Scott Johnsen

Others Present: Peter Tanner, Niklas Heidloff, Steve Castledine, Angus McIntyre

Meeting called to order at 11:00 am ET by Vince Schuurman

October 29, 2009 meeting minutes were approved.

General Business
Elguji has applied for membership to the OpenNTF Alliance
IBM OpentNTF Awards

Discussion There were some concerns about Elguji's departure from the Steering committee, and how this would impact their membership to the Alliance.
Several points were made in support of Elguji, and their history as an excellent member of the Lotus community.

Nay – Nathan
Yeah – All else

Resolved – Elguji is accepted as a member of the OpenNTF Alliance.

OpenNTF Representation Discussion
We should set some rules around officially representing OpenNTF.

Marketing Working Group – We need a SC member to run that.
We need to create guidelines for how to represent OpenNTF
e.g. - Member company, Registered, We provide base set of slides, we review slides.
Rules for addressing the blog. Guidelines, core set of slides,

We can help others promote OpenNTF, we can provide content, official slides, list of members, slides, etc.
Proposed Marketing Working Group
Proposed to make Scott Johnsen the Chairman of this group.

Resolved - Resolution to form Marketing Working Group – Passed
Resolved – To have Scott Johnsen be Chairman of the Marketing Working Group

Development Contest Update
We have 2 submissions, 1 per category

Chris Miller, David Levy, Tim Tripconi, Chris Toohey, Yancy Lent

Strategy Working Group – Nathan Freeman

Dev Cloud – Met with engineers who have the infrastructure to support that. Reviewed the process, what would need to be done, etc. – That work is underway. Group Software to get prototypes underway.

IP Working Group - John Head

Not-for-Profit Update - Paperwork and process are taking a lot more time than expected. Work is underway, but no update at this time.

Technical Committee Update - Niklas Heidloff and Steve Castledine

We are starting to have a backlog of projects because we can’t vet them quickly enough.
We need more GPL Committers into the system.

OpenNTF.org sites statistics.
11 months 2009 over 10 months 2008
Page visits up 13%
Unique visits down 15%

October 2009 over October 2008
Page visits up 46%
Unique visits up 50%

OpenNTF blog has been added to the PlantetEclipse.org in an effort to get Eclipse developers interested in Notes.

Added 3 new non-IBM projects
X-page control
Mail merger
Snippets plugin
Removed about 100 old projects

New Explore OpenNTF section of Web site

We are trying to attract 2 audiences, new users and returning users.

Bruce Lill – Membership list and “who is who” page
We are waiting for the catalog from Lotus911.

Does it make sense to add Symphony plug-ins to OpenNTF
Symphony plug-ins work in Notes, has a good reputation, open, free, etc.
The committee feels this is a good idea.

2 people reported a possible problem with fax number for ICL. Peter has received them, so it appears to be working fine.
Lotusphere Session – Proposed but not yet accepted for Thursday – 8:30 am.

Meeting adjourned at 12:00 am ET
Minutes submitted by Scott Johnsen

Next meeting: December 8, 2009
11:00 a.m. ET

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