Members: Bruce Elgort (Chairman), Vince Schuurman (absent), Nathan Freeman, Ludwig Nastansky (absent), Justin Hill, John Head (absent), Brent Peters, Scott Johnsen, Corey Davis

Others Present: Arthur Fontaine, Peter Tanner, Niklas Heidloff (absent)


General Business

Update from John Head (via email) - Non-profit status - The non-profit proposal document is written, waiting for final edits from the attorney. We should have something we can share with the Steering Committee by close of business Friday, June 4, 2010.

Peter Tanner will officially return to IBM on June 7, 2010.

Strategy Working Group – Nathan Freeman

We are looking at differentiating membership types for individuals and corporations for potential revenue generating opportunities. An advertising revenue model requires a Web site overhaul and as such is not a reasonable option at this time. Project and Context specific ads are in demand, but we don’t have the infrastructure to support it today.

Membership ideas
$30 contribution from individuals ( in return for a t-shirt)
Corporate contributions could vary by sponsorship level, membership level, etc.
This is all dependent upon OpenNTF Steering becoming a legal entity.

IP Working Group – Peter Tanner

Projects are being approved, but many projects are not in compliance with the IP Policy. Peter is getting back to the contributors to resolve this issue.

Existing projects have not gone through the IP Policy. This should be identified as projects are being downloaded. It is already on the site in the form of a disclaimer and liability limitation.

Technical Committee – Niklas Heidloff

No update at this time.

Marketing Working Group – Scott Johnsen

Marketing discussion document posted to the Marketing Forum on We would like to get feedback from the community by the next Steering Committee meeting on June 15.

Input to Marketing - More code contributions are not necessary because there are already so many inbound projects from IBM.

The real challenge is that we don’t have enough visibility of consumption of that code – We need to get that message out to the community. For example, Use Cases for who is using what project. Show how Lotus Notes/Domino customers are getting more value out of the platform through the use of OpenNTF

Brent highlighted 2 of them at Lotusphere. We can start with those examples.

Use cases should show the value of OpenNTF and define the market reach.

Meeting adjourned at 12:00 am ET
Minutes submitted by Scott Johnsen

Next meeting:
Tuesday, June 15, 2010
11:00 am ET

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